Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Change Of Pace - Prepare The Masses

A Change Of Pace’s second release “Prepare The Masses” is what other bands should aim for with a sophmore album. The new cd from this band is radio/MTV friendly. Catchy guitar is evident throughout the entire album, along with unforgettable vocals, and a damn catchy tune for every song. This album makes them appeal to the mass audience even more. Many of their songs deal with love one way or another. Whether iit is missing someone you love or finding someway to hurt the one who broke your heart, these lyrics are pure ACOP. The album begins with the sounds of soldiers marching and is followed by a song about Romeo and Juliet. ACOP does change up the style a little bit with some synthesized vocals to the third track "I'm Alive." and does go with a song that sounds very much like Bayside with "Safe And Sound In Phone Lives."

I found the album nearly flawless with one exception, the sore spot on the album, 'White Lines And Lipstick." This song isnt horrible, it just brings this album down that one notch. This album is sure to be one of my favorites for a while, and is sure to bring ACOP some much needed recognition.

Overall 8.5/10

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Benny said...

Amazing album. They really have stepped up and demanded spotlight with this release. Although I must say I like White Lines & Lipstick!

9/10 for me!