Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hit The Lights - This Is A Stickup ... Don't Make It Murder

What can I say about this band? A friend of mine reccomended them to me a wehile back but i disregarded them as another "pop-punk" band but now after giving them a legit chance, they are one of my favorites. They're quite possibly the happiest emo band i have ever heard. This upbeat happy-sounding album is full of stories of betrayal, suicide, hate, anger and love. Hit The Lights does this in a way better than nearly all others. Catchy pop-riffs and melodies are prevelant throughout the entire cd. This band takes the genre of pop-punk to a whole new level. They layer the vocals amazingly well and it helps that the singer is pretty damn good at his job. This CD is flawless throughout and is an ideal pop-punk cd filled with infectious beats and memorable lyrics. Its hard not to sing along to every single song on this cd. Songs like "Bodybag" and "Talk Us Down" show us HTL's inner rage, but they do it in such a cheerful way. This new release by Hit The Lights contains 3 songs from their EP "Until We Get Caught." Allthough this band may not seem to be the most original band; they do what they do better than any other band. They write amazing songs that will for sure be on repeat for a while to come.

Overall : 9.5/10


Benny said...

It was the same for me, I heard about this band and decided to check them out. Disregarded them as just another pop-punk band and didn't really spend much more time listening to them...
I've since been playing them quite a bit. They definitely grow on you.

I'd have to say a 9.5 is a bit high, I probably would regard it as an 8, though it takes a lot to impress me in terms of an overall album.

allaboutoakland said...

I cant stop listening to this album though
i find it to be a great album and there was nothing wrong with it
it is one of my all time favorites