Friday, December 1, 2006

Gears Of War Review

First and foremost this is the greatest game I have ever played on Xbox360. This game has everything that a person could want from a shooter. This third-person shooter has amazing everything. The campaign mode is set on earth in the future after Locusts have decided to try and destroy the human race. The COG are trying to resist this and you play as Dom an infantryman trying to stop this invasion. THe campaign mode is loads of fun and takes a while to beat all 5 Acts of the game. The Co-op mode was nicely done as you are also able to play co-op online with no trouble at all with lag or anything like that. Multiplayer is incredible, as there are three modes to choose from: Warzone, Execution, and Assisination, all different in certain ways. Locusts and the COG battle it out in multiplayer mode. There are many ways to take out the enemy, shotguns, chainsaws, snipers... the possiblities go on. A feature i found cool was that after "downing" an enemy there were numerous ways to finish him: stepping on his head, shotgun to the head, chansaw... you get the point. There is nothing i find wrong with this game. THey made it fun to run as when you hold down "A" the camera changes view and the sound you here becomes breathing as your character starts to run. I find this game incredible, and the only problem ive noticed is that there are a lot of problems with connecting to a host on XBL play. overall a near flawless game and definitley something to hold me over til Halo 3 comes out. A killer app for the 360. Overall: 9/10

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