Sunday, December 3, 2006

Saosin -Saosin

Years of hype have been leading up to Saosin's full length debut. Their two previous EPs "Translating The Name" and "Saosin EP" have only increased fans want of this new self-titled CD. The band has gone through changes in the 3 years from when Translating The Name was released to today. Saosins new cd, released on Capitol records, is full of catchy choruses and melodic guitars. This may be a little different from the earlier EPs because of the band member changes and the new record label. Im not saying the CD is disappointing, not in the least bit. Cove, the lead singer, has got some pipes, which are complimented by the perfectly timed guitar riffs and technical guitar. 1st song starts the CD off on the right foot. Blasting guitars and powerful vocals help propel, "Its So Simple," along with energized drumming. The CD keeps up the wonderful pace, and the single "Voices" is definitely going to help Saosin make it big. The stick-in-your-head choruses make this song great. They did re-do Bury your head, which really, in my opinion, killed the song. This is one of the few low points on the cd. The first half of the CD is amazing but the quality drops off in the second half. The hype that this CD would change the post-hardcore scene was wrong, but Saosin did a damn good job making an excellent post-hardcore cd. There is only good thing to come from this band in the future.

Overall : 8.5/10


Anonymous said...

I agree, the origanal version of Bury Your Head was better. But overall, great CD, can't wait to pick it up.


Southy Virus said...

Not a bad review, however, you may want to extend it slightly and describe the album a bit more.

However, it's not too shabby. :)

Benny said...

8.5 is fitting.
You're right. It's not a classic post-hardcore cd, but it's damn consistent and only a stepping stone for things to come from this band.
My fav is You're Not Alone.